A Fashion Wishlist

I said in my Goals For This Year post that I wasn’t going to buy any more clothes unless it’s replacing something and I have been true to my word. The last time I brought an item of clothing was in my Fashion Haul post way back in September. Since then I have learned what I love to wear and what pieces I always reach for, because of this I am able to carefully select fashion that I know I will wear time and time again. I created a fashion wishlist to inspire others who may be looking to update their wardrobe.


First on my wish list is a wool blend leopard print coat. This particular one is from Dorothy Perkins and is exactly how I want the coat to look. Unfortunately, this is polyester so not the material I want but it was the closest I could find online. I love the look of these coats, they can look so chique and feminime.


This Ted Baker ring has been on my wish list for a while and I don’t know why I haven’t purchased it yet. It’s rose gold so will go with my other jewellery and has a pretty arrow design.


Doesn’t this skirt just scream autumn/ winter? It’s burgundy and corduroy which means it follows two of this year’s trends. The one in the picture is from Abercrombie & Fitch but I’ll be keeping an eye out in New Look or Primark for mine. This would look so good with a jumper and feel so cosy.


I hardly ever use to wear trainers but the last couple of years I have grown to love them. They are so comfy, warm and can look very stylish. I love these nude Nike trainers and would pair them with an all black outfit.


This black biker jacket would be replacing a current one I have. It’s a few years old and it’s starting to look worn and I no longer enjoy wearing it, but I did get so much wear out of it. They are so classic and in fashion, year after year. I’ll pick one up in the new year and once the weather warms up a little.


How pretty is this ring? I need a rose gold sparkly pink ring so bad! Don’t think I could justify buying myself an expensive piece of jewellery unless it was a present, so I will have to wait and see what Santa brings.


I’m pretty sure everyone will be rocking over the knee boots this year and I’ll be no exception. They are stylish and a lot warmer than ankle or calf boots. I have a cheap black pair I brought last year but they are quite worn and don’t stay up my leg very well so these would be a replacement.


How on Earth do I not already own a plain black handbag? I definitely am on the lookout to invest in a good quality tote bag that I can wear on my shoulders or on my arm. It has to be hard wearing and last a long time.


Since autumn I feel like my choice of jeans has halved. I don’t like wearing my lighter coloured denim this time of year, so I feel like I need another pair as I am constantly switching between the same 4 pairs of jeans. I don’t own any jeans in this shade of blue and really want some more ripped ones as they are my favourite.


Last on my fashion wishlist is this rose gold skull bracelet from Thomas Sabo. I have lusted after this for so long but I don’t feel right spending that much money on myself on one piece of jewellery unless it was gifted to me.

That’s it for my fashion wish list. I like to create these wishlists and keep looking at them to see what pieces that I really love. Is there any clothing pieces you’re desperate to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading XOXO.


Pictures are taken from the brand’s website and are not my own. Some affiliate links are also included.