A Winter Bucket List

As the weather has turned baltic this last week, it’s really starting to feel like winter is here in the UK and I want to start making plans for the colder season. I’ve put together a bucket list to give myself and you inspiration for activities to do this winter.


Visit A Christmas Market

I’m a huge fan of anything to do with Christmas and visiting a festive market is top on my winter bucket list. I find them so magical with all the novelty stores and the twinkling lights. If visiting a Christmas market doesn’t get you into the festive spirit, I don’t think anything will. You’ll find me in a heated bar with my hot chocolate.

Build A Snowman

It’s a given that once the snow hits, you have to go outside and build a snowman with your child. I’m not a massive fan of the snow to be honest, it’s cold, wet and awkward to walk in but I’m going to make a effort to play and make memories with my daughter. As she is a huge fan of Frozen, she’ll be asking to “build a snowman” as soon as the first snowflake falls from the sky.

Make A Gingerbread House

What a lovely way to get yourself into the Christmas spirit by building a gingerbread house and decorating it with candy canes and other sweet treats. It’d be a great opportunity to get creative and if you have children, it’d be a great bonding exercise for all ages. You could even make your own gingerbread village.

Donate To The Less Fortunate

As it’s the season of giving, I believe it’s important to help out others not as fortunate as yourself who may struggle during the winter period. An easy and simple way to do this would be to donate food items and toiletries to food banks by adding a couple of extra things in your basket on your weekly shop and adding them to the donate box on your way out of the supermarket. In my local shopping centre they have a donation station where you can put in brand new toys ready to be wrapped for children who don’t have much or are in the hospital over Christmas. Another way of helping the less fortunate is giving out blankets to the homeless or offering to buy them a hot drink. These small acts of kindness can make a big difference to someone.

Have A Clear Out

Before Christmas comes around and the house is full with new toys and gadgets, I want to have a big clear out so we have more space and less clutter by December 25th. I’ve already started with my makeup, skincare and my daughter’s toys and clothes. It’s also a great opportunity to give to the less fortunate.

Go To See The Christmas Lights Displays

There’s some spectacular decorations nearby and I want to take a drive/ walk around and look at them all. A certain house that’s a 10/15 minute drive away have a famous lights display every year where they let people walk around their garden and look at all the decorations. They have a Santa’s grotto and a tuck shop where all proceeds go to charity. I really enjoy doing this every year and it brings me so much happiness.

Bake Cookies

I’m not much of a cooker but I do quite like baking. I’ve never actually baked cookies before but I want to give it a go this year now my daughter is old enough to join in. We will give some to friends and family and even leave a couple for Santa Claus.

Have A Movie Marathon

Wrapped up in blankets with pyjamas on in front of the TV with the fire roaring sounds like the perfect winter afternoon. It’s the ideal time for a Christmas movie marathon. I’m more of a fan of the older Christmas films as they seem more magical and traditional.


Those are the activities on my winter bucket list this year. I also hope to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with the people that mean the most to me. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below what’s on your bucket list this winter? Thanks for reading XOXO.

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