Apps & Websites I Use To Make Money

For a good few years now I’ve managed to make a fair amount of money on the internet through different sites and apps. It’s not nearly enough to live on but it’s just a bit of extra income for those little luxuries. It’s not a get rich scheme and can take a while to meet the thresholds for pay outs but if you are always on your phone and have a bit of extra time on your hands, why not use it to make some money? These are the sites and apps I am currently using to make money and have received payments from each one so I can confirm they are genuine.

Inbox Pounds

Also known as Inbox Dollars, I have been using this website since I discovered it in July 2016. You earn money by completing surveys, opening emails, signing up to things, etc. The payment threshold is £20.00 and you can receive payment by cheque, MasterCard or ePayment. This on average takes me about 4-6 weeks to earn that amount. It sounds quite a long time but I only spend about 5-10 minutes a day on the site, on days I complete surveys it can take longer but I don’t feel like I’m having to work hard for it. It’s always a nice little bonus to have when you’ve reached that amount because it feels like free money.

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Global Test Market

From what I know, this site is accessible to a lot of different countries. It’s the first ever site I discovered I could earn money on back in 2010. The way to make buck on this site is by obtaining life points which can earned by completing surveys or winning one of their monthly prize draws. Once you have enough life points you can cash them in for money in your PayPal account, e-giftcards, cinema tickets, etc. You can even donate your points for cash to charities. All rewards are slightly different amounts but roughly 550 points equals a £5 reward, 1100 points equals a £10 reward and so on. Surveys all vary in lengths and points and you may not be eligible for all the ones available. I have been slacking on this site recently because it can take up quite a bit of time but if you have a spare 30-60 mins to complete some surveys, the points soon add up. (P.S. Use the website because the app is useless.)

Receipt Hog


This money maker is an app that I have only recently discovered. The objective is to take a photo of your receipt and upload it to earn coins. The higher the amount spent, the more coins you’ll get. Although certain types of stores you will only be credited with a spin which means you will be eligible for a spin on their wheel which could mean you earn nothing, more coins or even a cash payout. I’ve never been lucky enough to win the jackpot but have won some coins through the spins. The more you upload and use the app, the faster you will level up. Each level up means bigger rewards. Payments can either be an Amazon gift card or cash in your PayPal account. It’s very easy to take a photo of your receipt, answer 1 or 2 questions, then your done. For 20 seconds work per receipt, it feels like free money just for doing my normal shopping. Also note: receipts can’t be older than 2 weeks so if you think you can download this app and dig out all your old receipts, you can’t sadly.


I’m sure a lot of you have already heard of Quidco but I only joined late November and I’m literally kicking myself that I didn’t join sooner. I do a lot of online shopping and for simply going onto Quidco first and going through the website with their link, I can earn myself some cashback. The £28.15 is what they have already paid me, the £0.22 is what is available for me to withdraw and the £28.87 is what I’m waiting to be paid for. It can take a while for the cashback to be approved and paid but once you start using the site/ app, you may be getting regular payments (depending on how frequently you shop).


This is another app I have only recently started using. The idea is you get paid to exercise. How it works is you put the location on your phone and the click the play button in the top corner and the app will track your movements. I have been using this whenever I do the school run as it equals to about an hour of walking a day. For however long you exercise, the more points you will get. These points can be converted into gift cards for different high street stores/ restaurants. It does take a while to earn enough points for a gift card but getting rewarded for something I was going to do anyway is a great bonus. All I need to do is have my location turned on and press a button, it’s not hard work. The issue with this app is there is a limit on how many points you can earn per week which is understandable but a bit annoying too. It can be great motivation for someone who wants to get out and about more on their feet. They do change the gift cards you can earn a lot so that’s something to bare in mind also.

Those are the current sites and apps I’m using to earn money. Remember it’s not going to be a get rich quick scheme, but if you’ve got some spare time and you’re on your phone or computer, why not be earning some money?


As I said at the beginning I can vouch for all these sites/ apps being genuine as I use them myself and they do pay out. I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading XOXO.




  1. August 8, 2018 / 12:56 pm

    Can you please tell me that in receipt hog they take online receipts or store cash memos?

    • Imperfect Beauty
      August 8, 2018 / 1:00 pm

      Hi they online accept in store receipts at the moment

    • Imperfect Beauty
      August 9, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      Thank you no problem x