Beauty Pie Haul & Review

When I purchased the Cosmopolitan Party Starter Kit from Latest In Beauty, I received a 24hr pass to Beauty Pie. I’d heard of Beauty Pie when a couple of my favourite YouTubers unboxed PR packages and was intrigued to see what they had to offer.

Beauty Pie offers the chance to purchase luxury beauty before it’s been branded. For a £10 a month membership fee you can purchase products up to the value of £100 which will cost you around £20 (give or take) plus postage.

As my 24hr pass was due to expire soon, I wanted to make sure I got use of it beforehand as I don’t really like the idea of having to pay a membership fee.


I placed an order Monday night and it arrived Thursday morning with Royal Mail. It came in a cardboard box and the contents were wrapped in pink branded tissue paper. I’m a sucker for nice presentation and good packaging. As I wanted a range of products to review, I picked up a lipstick, an eye brush and a lip liner. I wanted to try the foundation and concealer also but they didn’t have my shades in stock. Typical pale girl problems.


I immediately was drawn to the lipsticks and decided to purchase this purple beauty.  The shade is To The Beet and it’s a lovely dark purple, a colour which my lipstick collection lacks. The regular retail price for this should be £20 but with the Beauty Pie membership I picked this up for £2.62. It came in a sleek black box which was giving me serious MAC vibes.


For some unknown reason I didn’t own a red lip liner, despite having a few red lipsticks, so thought this was a perfect opportunity to purchase one. This lip liner should have been £15 but I was able to get it for £1.79. I was a bit gobsmacked at the price and it felt too good to be true. However, the real test would be in how well it performed.


Any true make up lover will have dozens of make up brushes, particularly eye ones as there is so many different styles and angles. I wanted to purchase one so I could test the quality and review for my blog in order to give others an idea of how good they are. On first impressions, the brush felt very soft and of decent quality. I was excited to put it to use. The brush should have been £20 but I picked it up for £2.59. It blended my eyeshadow brilliantly and I would purchase again.


I did a couple of swatches of the lip liner and lipstick and they both were very easy to apply. Both formulas were really pigmented and creamy on the skin. Once I washed my hands the lip liner took extra effort to remove but I only see that as a good thing as it means it’s long lasting. I decided to rock a berry lip and wore the lip stick with my Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in the shade Under My Spell, which complimented it well. The lipstick is a lot pinker and brighter than it appears on the website though. However, it lasted the majority of the day but faded when I had eaten.


Overall, I was impressed with the quality and packaging of all three products. I was skeptical at first but they surprised me. Including delivery my total haul came up to £13.36 which is a pretty good bargain. I would still like to try their foundation at some point as that would seal the membership deal for me. I hope you enjoyed this review and haul. Thanks for reading XOXO.


Beauty Pie

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