Bucket List For 2018

I’ve done my New Year’s resolutions and I’ve written down my goals for this year. Now I want to focus on my Bucket List of things that aren’t necessarily goals but are things I would like to achieve in 2018.

First on my bucket list is getting another tattoo. I’ve wanted an angel wing’s tattoo on my back for a good few years but just haven’t got round to booking it. I’m determined to do it this year.

Get a job I like doing. My daughter starts school in September and I really want to get a job to coincide with this. I want to meet new people and itching to get myself into a routine.

Visit America, either New York or Florida. I started saving a few months ago to go to New York as I’ve always wanted to go but I really want to take my daughter to Disney World whilst she’s still young so maybe Florida will be on the cards instead. I’ve never been out of Europe except for a day trip to part of Turkey that was in Asia so I’m really excited.

Write and publish a book. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be an author. I love creating things and writing. I keep saying I want to write a book but life always seems to get in the way. Hopefully, 2018 will be the year.

Join a gym. I use to go to the gym after I gave birth to my daughter but a year later and I cancelled my membership. It’s a shame as I found it motivating and stress releasing. There’s a new 24 hour gym opening near my house with a limited offer of Β£10.99 a month which I’m going to take advantage of.

Finally, do something that scares me every month. I feel like my nerves are getting worse as I’m getting older. Things like going on rollercoasters really scare me but 10 year old me loved them. I want to push myself and feel the rush of adrenaline.

There’s my bucket list for 2018. I’m hoping writing this post will give me the kick start I need to accomplish all these. I’ll be checking back in a year to see if I managed to do any of them. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it gave you some inspiration on what you would like to achieve this year. Thanks for reading XOXO.


Photo isn’t mine and taken from NotOnTheHighStreet.



  1. January 4, 2018 / 12:16 am

    That’s a great list of stuff! Hope you achieve them all. You’ll have to update us on what you do each month that scares and pushes you out of your comfort zone 😊

  2. January 4, 2018 / 8:53 pm

    Loved hearing your resolutions! When it comes to beauty, I’m promising myself to only put my money towards good quality products. In with the new, out with the old!

    Happy New Year!
    xo Lauren