Eyeko Sport Mascara Review


After receiving this Eyeko Sport Mascara in a beauty box, I was interested to see how well it performs as I’ve never used anything from Eyeko before.


First impressions, I love the curled wand. From previous experience, the mascaras I’ve used before seem to apply better if the applicator is curled. The packaging doesn’t look very high end but I like that it’s black and white.


Here’s my eye before I applied the mascara. As you can see I wasn’t blessed in the eyelashes department, they are short and barely visible.


This is how my lashes look after I applied the Eyeko Sport Mascara . As you can see, my eyelashes were lengthened and didn’t clump up. With the applicator being curled, they were seamless able to curl my lashes upwards, making my eyes appear brighter and more open.They looked and felt very natural. If I wanted to add more volume I had to apply another mascara on top in order to create thicker looking lashes as these looked a bit sparse.

The mascara claimed to be waterproof and it certainly is. I had a nap with this mascara on and it didn’t flake off. Even splashing my face with water the mascara didn’t come off.

If you’re looking for an everyday mascara that’s natural looking, gives your lashes length, doesn’t clump and is waterproof, this is one I would recommend. However if you’re after full thick lashes then this isn’t suitable for that. I think I’ll use this mascara on holiday as it would be ideal for travelling and wouldn’t come off if I went for a swim.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried this mascara, what did you think? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading XOXO



  1. November 14, 2017 / 5:54 pm

    I have an eyeko mascara mini sitting around that I haven’t used yet but I didn’t realize they had a waterproof/sport version! Great review 😘