Fashion Haul

I’ve brought myself some new pieces recently and I wanted to share them with you. Now the seasons are changing I felt like I needed more “autumn appropriate” apparel.
So, here’s my fashion haul.

I feel like my wardrobe is really lacking in the skirts department. Most of them are plain black and for someone who use to always be in skirts, I can’t believe I have so few. The first one I picked up is a light pink faux suede material. This really stood out to me on the website and looked beautiful on the model. The double zips give this a nice extra detailing. I will pair this with black tights for autumn/ winter.

Missguided £22.00

Ok, so I didn’t really need any more black tees but I couldn’t resist this one. Just seeing the word Barbie takes me back to my childhood. It’s oversized, playful and will go with pretty much anything. When the writing starts to come off I can wear it as a pyjama top.

Missguided £18.00


The second skirt I picked up is this cute blue denim mini. I’ve been on the hunt for one that isn’t high waisted as I’m sick of the waist band going up to my rib cage. I love the frayed edge and will also pair this with black tights for the colder months.

Missguided £25.00

Uh oh.. another black tee! It’s the last one I’m going to buy for a while. I feel fully stocked up for black tshirts now but they’re perfect for just throwing on. This tee says antisocial which is quite accurate and funny. I’d wear this with ripped skinny jeans and boots.

ASOS £12.00


I’ve worn these boots a few times since purchasing and they’re so comfy. The heel height is perfect for day to day but it still gives you a lift. They were from the girl’s section in River Island and go up to an adult’s size 4 so great option if you have small feet like me. The gold mirrored heel is a particular favourite feature of mine.

River Island £28.00

That’s all for this haul. I’m still on the lookout for a jacket I like. I hope you enjoyed looking at what I brought. Thanks for reading XOXO.