February Favourites


As we say good bye to February and welcome the new month with open arms, it’s time for another monthly favourites. I have to say, I am living for these lighter evenings, I feel so much more motivated. Let’s hope March brings us sunnier skies and warmer weather. There isn’t many new discoveries this month as I didn’t purchase much in January after Christmas. Some new favourite beauty products were purchased in the last half of February so I felt I should save them for next month’s post.


First thing I am loving is this Tresemme hair mask. This has really wowed me, it’s so conditioning and makes my hair feel so soft and nourished. The neat freak in me loves when you scoop some out it sets itself level again. I would definitely repurchase this.


Next is this Eylure Brow Amplifier. Like January’s Favourites post, there’s another eyebrow product I am obsessed with. I never really use to do much with my brows as I prefer them to look more naturally. Using a brow pencil I’ll fill in any gaps and go over it with this gel and my brow makeup doesn’t budge! I like the colour of this too as it doesn’t make them look too dark and harsh on my face.


Another make up product I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this month is the NYX HD Studio Powder. I need more coverage in winter but that can often mean my face gets hot and oily. However, using this has ensured my makeup doesn’t slip and I have a shine free face. This is the first face powder I’ve used so I have nothing to compare it to. I’d like to try others out as well but I do enjoy this one.


Last on the list is this Brushworks HD Complexion Sponge and I have to say, this is perfect! The ideal shape with a straight edge for harder to reach areas and it’s so soft. It doesn’t soak all my foundation *cough* Real Techniques *cough* and it was only £4.79. My only negative would be it takes longer to clean than some of my other sponges but I will repurchase this for sure.

That’s it for my February favourites, there should be more next month, as I have a makeup haul coming up. I’m going to be trying brand new products from brands I’ve never owned before so I’m really excited to tell you all what I think. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading XOXO.


There is some affiliate links in this post which means I may get a small commission if you click through and purchase something at no extra cost to you.