Honest Lip Filler Experience 

I recently got fillers in my lips and wanted to share my experience with you incase any of you were considering doing it. I’m not promoting lip fillers in any way and I would encourage everyone to spend time thinking of the pros and cons before rushing into it. 

img_0594This is a picture of me the day before my treatment. As you can see my bottom lip is fuller and my top lip is quite thin. With the fashion these days having small lips makes me feel really self conscious and I was keen to get my lips more plump. This is the third time I’ve had this done with the previous time being around 9 months ago. I was really nervous but the lady made me feel relaxed and at ease. She applied a numbing cream to my lips whilst I filled out some paperwork. After about 10 minutes she injected my lips with the filler concentrating on my top lip and putting a tiny amount into the bottom lip. It did sting a bit and my eyes did water slightly towards the end but it wasn’t unbearable.

img_0595Here’s a picture of me on the way home from having the treatment done. My lips felt really swollen and quite hard. I couldn’t close my mouth properly and was embarrassed if anyone looked at me but I was excited for the swelling to go down and relieved that it was over.


The day after was the worst of the swelling. My lips were slightly lumply and bruised from the trauma of the needle. They didn’t feel so hard and I was getting use to them.


Day 2 and the bruising had gone down quite a lot. I could finally close my mouth properly and my lips didn’t feel so big on my face. By this point I was keen to try lipsticks and glosses.

The next day my lips had smoothed out and they weren’t so lumpy. I felt proud to show my new plumped pout.

On day 4 there wasn’t much change, just healing and the swelling going down. They were starting to look more natural.

img_0601The fifth day after the treatment and the lumpiness had reduced significantly. My top lip didn’t look too big compared with the bottom and I was really loving my new pout.


This photo was taken 4 weeks after the procedure. There’s still a little bit of lumpiness left in the top lip but this can be reduced by massaging gently to even out the filler. My lips now feel soft and if you didn’t know I’d had them done, you would just think my lips were naturally fuller. I’m so happy with them now and I love trying new lipstick shades.

My lip filler treatment cost £175 but this will vary depending on your location and the salon you choose. It’s highly advised you use a trained professional if you want the procedure as it will minimize the risk of something going wrong. If you have any questions about getting lip fillers feel free to leave me a message and I’ll try and help you the best I can. XOXO