How I Store My Clothes

If you’re like me you will like hate chaos, particularly when it comes to the inside of my wardrobe. I’m the type of person that likes to see everything in front of me so I can choose my outfits easily and don’t forget about any pieces as they are always on display. The first way I transformed the appearance and functionality was purchasing non slip velvet coat hangers.


These were a god send! Not only do they look good but they stop your clothes from sliding onto the floor. I use them to hang up all my tops, dresses, cardigans and jumpers. The little strappy camisoles stay put and don’t end up in a heap at the bottom of your wardrobe so everything is hung up neatly. Once I threw away the cheap plastic hangers and replaced them with the velvet ones I then arranged my clothes by colour order in their own catergories.


My vests go from darks to lights then the same with my t-shirts, dresses etc. I find storing my clothes this way I can easily find any item I’m looking for. If I want a black tee I can go straight to where my black tshirts are hung and choose which one I want to wear without shifting every piece of clothing looking for a specific one. The amount of time it has saved me is incredible and it’s a lot less stressful deciding what to wear in a morning.

My wardrobe has built in shelves where I keep all my bottoms such as trousers, skirts and shorts. They all have their own section and folded neatly in place. My jeans are folded in half in two piles: blue denim and black, grey and white denim.


It looks really tidy this way and I can easily pick out a pair to wear. My skirts and shorts are placed on top of each other, I tend to put the long skirts at the bottom as they often need folding and the denim ones as these are thicker so are easily spotted with the thinner fabrics on top.



For my flat shoes and thin fashion scarves, I store them in a shoe pocket organizer. You can hang it in your wardrobe, over the door or on a wall. It saves floor space and keeps everything looking neat and tidy.


As for my costume jewellery, I keep my neckalaces hung up on this cute wall mounted jewellery hanger. I keep it hung up next to my dressing table and love the way it looks.


I’m always buying new jackets and coats each season and just don’t have the space to hang them all up so every summer I will store my big winter coats in my suitcase, along with any other winter accessories such as gloves and wooly scarves. This allows my jackets to look uncluttered and I can reach for one much easier. When autumn comes round, I take out my coats and then store my summer stuff. I also find it makes my decisions on whether to keep items a lot more effortless as I can clearly work out if I’m going to wear an item for another season.

Storage 10

I hope this has gave you some tips and inspiration on storing and organizing your clothes. This is my first blog post on fashion and clothes with many more to come. In the meanwhile, you can check out my other blog posts for beauty tips and advice.


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      Thank you I do try haha 🙂 they are so much better than plastic ones aren’t they? X