How I will Curb My Spending & Save Money This Year

Now at the ripe old age of 24 I feel like my finances are something I have to start taking seriously. Truthfully, I’ve been beginning to take control of my money for about a year and a half but there’s always room for improvement. I’m no longer the naive 17 year old at my first job who could buy all the clothes I wanted and spend money with no consequences. I am a mother and have responsibilities. No one in my immediate family owns their own home, they all rent. An ultimate lifetime goal of mine would be buying my own house. The sooner I start saving, the easier and quicker I’ll get there. At this point in my life I’m not in a position to save a huge deal but I believe every little does help and it all adds up. These are some tactics I’m going to adopt in order to have fewer outgoings and save more money this year.

  1. Take snacks and a drink out with me would save me a fair few quid each week. Whenever I go out, whether it be shopping or to the park for example, I tend to get thirsty and peckish so end up buying drinks and snacks from the nearest shop. Depends on whereabouts I am, this can be quite expensive. Just by filling my water bottle and taking a cereal bar with me, I believe I could save nearly £300 a year.
  2. Go cinema (or other leisure activity) when there’s a special off on, such as off peak or 2 for 1. I went to a trampoline park for the first time this month and visited during happy hour where it was almost half the price and you got a free drink. I don’t want to miss out on going places and having fun because that will make me despise saving money which is not my intention. Still being able to enjoy myself but going when the prices are discounted would save me around £400 a year.
  3. Withdraw my spending money out of the bank and have it in cash because it’s so easy to order something online than it is to physically go into town and spend it. I’m guilty of excessive browsing and adding to basket then when I’m having a bad day I’ll purchase said items. If the money is not in my account I’m hoping I won’t be so tempted to buy make up or accessories I don’t need and can live without.
  4. Don’t take my daughter shopping with me because she costs me too much. This is a joke of course but it would leave me with more cash if I went without her. She definitely gets her shopping habits from her mummy and I do get her little treats. However, I do spoil her when I can afford to, so if I can go on an adults only shopping trip that could prevent me spending too much.
  5. Spend more time at home by finding activities I can do for free. With the weather at the moment, I can’t just go to the local park and spend the afternoon there, so have to find indoor activities to do. The problem is, everything costs so much and only occupies us for a couple of hours. I want to learn to enjoy being in my home more and not have to rely on amusement places to have a good time.
  6. Only wear high end make up for special occasions and wear affordable cosmetics for everyday. A good example of this is throughout the week I will wear my drugstore brand concealers but on the weekend I will sport my higher end ones. By choosing to limit my wear of designer make up I won’t have to replace it so often and could save me £100’s by the end of the year. We all need a little luxury now and again so I couldn’t give it up completely.
  7. When buying non essentials items wait until there’s a discount because most brands have promotional periods when you can buy their products for a lower price. I subscribe to stores’ newsletters and often receive emails when they are offering a 20% discount for example. If a store rarely offers a discount, buy your goodies when they perhaps are granting extra loyalty points so you can get more rewards for your money. I certainly am guilty of taking advantage of special offers.
  8. Investing in quality clothes and shoes will cost me more initially but will ensure I’m not having to replace items so often. I have stopped buying fast fashion pieces and will only purchase clothes/ shoes that I would wear regardless of whether or not they are on trend. I have probably saved a small fortune not following all the latest trends and staying away from every piece I wanted.

There just some of the ways I will curb my spending and save money this year. I had a lot of fun writing this post and feel very motivated to accumulate more savings. I hope this gave you some ideas and you found it useful. Thanks for reading XOXO.







  1. January 26, 2018 / 8:15 pm

    Really enjoyed reading this! I’m trying to save money at the minute and my main thing is to take food and drink out with me instead of ending up in costa xx