Latest In Beauty Box | June


This post was meant to be published a week ago but I had to wait for a missing product and wanted to include everything I got. The Latest In Beauty Team did kindly send me the product quickly and apologised for the mishap. This month I got some really good products with a few being recurring favourites of mine. In total I paid £18.00 for 9 products but if I purchased these all separately it would have cost at least triple that amount.


Like always the box was packaged nicely with pink tissue paper and their branding on the lid. They include a postcard with a cute slogan on, mine said La vie est belle which translates to life is beautiful. I like to use these postcards as props in my blogging photos or bookmarks.


To get the old favourites out the way, I’ll start with 3 Garnier Skin Active products that you’ve probably seen a few times on my blog by now. I like to select these because I’m going to buy them anyway so I might as well save myself some money.
The first product that went into my bag was the Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist. It’s a  lovely refreshing spray that not only cools you down but offers UV and pollution protection too. As it contains SPF 30 it’s perfect for taking on holiday. It was one of the products I featured in my Summer Must Haves post.
Next I chose a Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask because if you read my review of this, you’ll know I’m a fan. It was hydrating and who doesn’t love a good pamper?
Being someone who wears makeup almost every single day I go through micellar water so quickly and I’d hate to not have any back ups in case I ran out. That’s why I added the Garnier Micellar Water into my selection because it’s so effective at getting rid of makeup and it saves me running out to the shops to pick it up.


Another brand I adore is and as soon as I saw these, they went straight into my bag. It’s not a brand that’s typically easily accessible and as far as I’m aware, only Holland & Barrett stock these in their stores. I’ve used one of their products before and really liked it and wanted to give these a go too.
I had to jump at the chance to get the Dr Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum as so many people love this products, from celebrities to beauty gurus, it’s a cult favourite. When I was in Holland & Barrett a couple of weeks ago I nearly purchased this then. It claims to be an anti-aging serum that helps to slow down cellular skin aging, improve skin hydration by 32% and much more. I’m very excited to give this a try.
Whilst I was not in a current need for a new face wash, with Latest In Beauty, if you don’t pick something when you see it, chances are it won’t be there next month. So with that in mind, I selected the Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Face Wash. It’s suitable for a lot of skin types and contains more than 20 essential minerals which I’m all for.


I’m doing all I can to keep my hair in as good condition as it can be, particularly with me getting bleached highlights every few months. I want to keep it protected from heat and keep it hydrated and nourished.
There was some new featured products this month from Bed Head. I’ve never tried anything from them before but heard lot’s of good things. I decided on the Bed Head Beach Bound Hair Protection Spray as it was the product most suitable for my hair type. Not only does the sun damage your skin, it harms the health of your hair too. I’m hoping this protection spray will prevent my hair from being frazzled.
Another product I’ve chosen before is the Charles Worthington Leave In Conditioner. I recently emptied a bottle of this and I bloody love it. When applied to the ends of my hair it leaves it feeling soft and silky.


Sun Creams are expensive so when I saw there was one to choose on Latest In Beauty, I snapped it up. Although, I didn’t realise how small the tubes were until they came. Although both bottles only count as one product so it’s not too bad. There’s the Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Milk  and the Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Cream. I suppose these would be good to sample the product before you decide to purchase the full size. I think I’ll save these until I go away for a night so I don’t have to take a big bottle of SPF.


The final product I chose was a Contour Cosmetics Angled Brush. It’s a pretty white with a rose gold handle so of course I had to get it. The bristles are so soft and I don’t have any brushes that style. I look forward to using this.


Within my box there was a coupon code for Gousto and a free sample of Super Berry Infusion Tea. Unfortunately I don’t drink tea but I’m sure I can find someone who would enjoy this. They often add extra samples into the boxes some being skincare and perfume which is a nice added touch. I’m very pleased with this month’s box and I’m already keeping an eye out for next month’s goodies.

If you would like to sign up for a Latest In Beauty Box, there is affiliate links throughout this post. It costs you nothing extra, it just provides me with a small commission that helps to fund and support my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post. What beauty boxes do you subscribe to? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading XOXO.



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