L’Oreal Paris Infallible Merry Metals Eyeshadow Paint | Review

I was browsing online and came across this L’Oreal eyeshadow paint. The rose gold packaging lured me in, honestly I’m such a magpie. I’m a big fan of L’Oreal and have always wanted to try a paint on eyeshadow. The light shimmery brown in the shade Man Down had my name written all over it. I had to try it.

On first impressions this Swatches beautifully. The applicator is so soft and made for a smooth application. It’s really pigmented and feels creamy on the skin.

The paint is really long lasting and looks pretty on your eyes. My only issue is I could feel the product on my eyelids and it felt quite heavy. When I was taking my make up off later the eyeshadow wasn’t the easiest thing to take off and it felt sort of sticky.

Overall I would use this product again as it would last throughout the day or night and gave my eyes a extra sparkle. It’s more for a full glam look so it wouldn’t bother me too much about the feeling of the product on my eyes. For  it’s a lot cheaper than the Stila eyeshadows so I would prefer to use this.


Hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading XOXO


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