Make Up Mistakes To Avoid


We’ve all been there, the heavy eyeshadow that isn’t blended, the foundation that doesn’t match your neck, … the list goes on! Fortunately over the years my make up skills have improved a lot and I want to share with you my tips for avoiding a make up disaster.

You want your make up to stay and slay all day so first thing to do is apply either a primer or a moisturiser. This will allow a protective barrier between your skin and the make up to avoid clogged up pores and provide a nice smooth base. Think of it as a glue for your make up to attach itself. You should notice a big difference in how well your make up lasts throughout the day.

Secondly, I like to do my eyebrows. I use a brown brow pencil to match and gently do little strokes of the pencil mimicking the look of the hairs to fill in my eyebrows which will create a natural looking eyebrow. I then use a brow brush and brush my hairs in the way the hair grows to prevent harsh pencil lines.


The more natural looking eyebrow makes the face more feminime and soft whereas the harsh dark eyebrow doesn’t flatter the face and gives a more stern appearance.

Next up I create a subtle smokey eye using a light golden brown in my crease with a blender brush. I don’t want this colour too dark as it is only the transitional colour. Then I apply a dark brown shade on my lids, merging it in with the light golden brown to form an ombre effect. When you want to achieve a smokey eye it is advised not to use black shadows as this can look too heavy on the eyes. Finally I use a cream colour under my eyebrows and blend it into the light golden brown colour. It’s important that the shades used are blended together seamlessly as you don’t want bold outlines to your shadows.

IMG_0627 IMG_0626

After my eyeshadow is finished I use a black mascara to coat my lashes, sweeping my wand upwards and outwards to open my eyes and create long thick lashes. Don’t overdo your mascara as it will clump up and you will look like you have spider’s legs on your eyes. If you aren’t happy with the length or volume of the lashes, apply some fake ones to the top lid for some extra va va voom. This is when I will put liquid eyeliner on. I start with the corners of my eyes and glide along to my tear duct and sweep upwards as to  prevent a square edge with my liner. Keep your liner line thin as going too thick will make your eyes appear smaller.

Now it’s time to apply your foundation. Make sure the shade is the right one for you by matching it to your neck in natural lighting. I like to squeeze a few pumps around my face and use a blending sponge to achieve a skin-like finish. Use enough foundation to get a decent coverage but don’t go overboard as you don’t want to look “cakey”. The number one rookie mistake is not blending your foundation into your neck and it is a dead giveaway that you don’t know what you’re doing.

To refrain from having a different coloured neck, use your blending sponge and blend your foundation downwards to a seamless finish.

Once I’m happy with my foundation, I place bronzer on the apples of my cheeks, working upwards slightly towards my cheekbones, using light circular motions. You don’t want to look patchy or streaky so only use a small amount that’s a few shades darker than your foundation to establish a natural sunkissed glow.

My favourite part now is applying concealer. I put a small amount on my chin, the bridge of my nose towards the bottom of my forehead and under my eyes in a triangle shape. Doing this will not only brighten under my eyes but my whole face. It adds extra coverage to any blemishes I may have. I use a concealer blending sponge and pat (not rub) the concealer until it merges in with my foundation and bronzer.

By now your look should be almost done. At this point you can apply a highlighter if you want to your cheekbones for that extra glow. Then it’s time to line your lips. A lot of people make the mistake of over-lining their lips too much. If you want to make your pout appear bigger, just line the outside of your lips and draw the cupid’s bow in slightly higher if you’re confident enough. You can also put a small line below your bottom lip in the middle to create the illusion of a bigger shadow. That is when you start getting really good at make up and I would recommend practising this technique.Make sure you use a liner that is matching to your lipstick or you will look unatural.

Once you’ve done all these steps your make up just needs to be set to keep it staying in place all day. I like to use a setting spray as it takes away any excess powder and keeps my make up looking fresh.


That’s my tips and tricks on how to avoid the classic make up mistakes. Of course you can do your make up however you want. This is just my advice on getting a more natural flawless look. I haven’t included a step by step on how I do my make up as this post would be too long and I will happily do a seperate blog post on applying make up, if requested, along with what products I use.

Everyone is different and will each have their own techniques on how not to apply make up. Find what works for you and then do it well. I hope this helped you in someway. Thanks for reading XOXO.



  1. August 19, 2017 / 7:37 pm

    I can never blend eyeshadow I always either forget or give up as it’s taking to long haha great post❤️

    • August 22, 2017 / 11:01 pm

      I couldn’t find the reply button haha (blonde moment) I would definitely recommend the Real Techniques blending brush so easy to use x