Nano Teeth Whitening Kit Review


A while back I received my monthly beauty box from Latest In Beauty (post here) in which I picked a teething whitening kit from NANO. As my teeth were looking a bit dull and began to get the dreaded yellow tinge, I decided to give this kit a go. It comes with 3 sachets of intensive whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, 9m of floss and a whitening mouthwash all in a lovely drawstring pouch. There’s also an easy to follow instruction booklet included. As this was a sample size you can’t buy this particular little set but you can purchase the full size version.

The Details
For Full Size Kit

–  Contents: 28 Whitening strips, 2 gel syringes and 2 mouth trays

– Cost: £35.00 £23.33

– Available: Amazon and Boots 


This is what my teeth looked like prior to using any of the whitening products. As you can see they look dull and was not as white as I would like. Once I had taken the ‘before’ photo I followed the recommended routine of flossing, using mouthwash and brushing with the Nano whitening products.


My teeth started to look brighter and more pearlescent already. The floss was easy to use between my teeth and the toothpaste made a noticeable change in the shading of my teeth. Now that my teeth were all clean I was ready to apply the intensive whitening strips.


The strips were really easy to apply and just stuck to my teeth without sliding. I kept them on for the suggested 1 hour and they were comfortable to wear throughout.



When the hour was up I removed the strips and brushed the excess whitening product away and was left with visibly brighter teeth. I’m very pleased with the results of this teeth whitening kit and would be happy to use it again. The only minor issue I had was my teeth were quite sensitive for the rest of the day, particularly the front ones but other than that, I had no problems.

That was my review of the Nano Teeth Whitening Kit, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading XOXO.

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