Primark Cleansing Mitts Review

If you saw my previous Primark Beauty Haul, you may have seen I picked up a pack of the Primark Cleansing Mitts and was going to review them for you to see if they’re any good. After using them for just over a month I feel like I have gave them enough chance for a proper review.


On the initial haul, I picked up one pack for £2.00 which contained two cleansing mitts. The price of these are what attracted me the most because for some cleansing mitts you can be looking to pay in the region of £10 plus just for one. I’ve been impressed with the bits I’d brought from the Primark beauty range and wanted to give these a try.

I wear makeup nearly every single day so any product that can help with the cleansing process gets a yes from me. Sometimes it can be so tedious taking off your makeup with different cleansers, wipes, toners, etc. I want something that can speed it up so I can relax as fast as possible. If you’re like me you’ll want to get rid of your makeup as soon as you get home and chill out.

Once I saturated one of the mitts with water, I started to rub my face in circular motions which claims to gently remove your makeup. This was the part I was skeptical about, I thought I’d have to apply a lot of pressure for the mitt to get rid of anything, but I was wrong. These are so gentle on your skin and really remove the makeup effectively. Even the makeup around your eyes comes off easily. I’m very impressed and they wash so well too. You can get a few uses out of each mitt before you need to put it through the washing machine but in between that you can use soap to remove the dirt.


For a light exfoliation you can turn the mitt over to the back and massage it into your skin. This is really gentle but I do like to give my face a good scrub if I’m going to exfoliate so don’t bother with this side. I think it would be useful to those with really sensitive skin though. There’s a little hook on the side too so you can hang it up in your shower which I think is so handy and a cute little touch.

However, you still need to use a cleanser afterwards to thoroughly clean your face and get rid of any excess. I also like to use a toner just as an extra step in getting rid of any dirt and oil left over. The whole process of using these mitts has been quicker than using micellar water and has felt nicer to use also. I’ve even picked up another pack, they have now gone up in price to £2.50 though. I still think that’s a bargain compared to other cleansing mitts and would recommend these. In the long run it’s going to be cheaper than buying new bottles of micellar water each time.



That was my review of the Primark Cleansing Mitts. Is there anything from the PS… range you would recommend I try? I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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