Primark Beauty Haul


Welcome back to my blog, it’s been almost a week since I last published a post, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without uploading. As it was my birthday Saturday and a bank holiday weekend, I was really busy and just decided to take some time off. Now I’m back and ready to throw myself into blogging again. As I recently had a little splurge in Primark, I thought I would share with you all the beauty pieces I picked up.


The first thing I picked up from the beauty section is this brush cleaner. It has a handle on the back so you can hold it in your hands. I love the little patterns on it. This was only £2.00 which I think is really good considering other places charge you £15.00.


These cleaning mitts claim to remove your makeup with just water and I’m up for anything that helps with my cleansing routine. I’m going to do a seperate review post on these letting you know how I got on. If they are any good I’m going to pick up some more. This pack of 2 was £2.00.


When I saw these nails for a £1.00 I had to pick them up. They are a matte nude with a pointed shape. You get 24 nails with glue included.


As always I picked up some more cotton pads from Primark. These are the small round ones that are good for removing nail varnish. You get 120 for 50p. Bargain.


I also like to have the larger oval shaped ones for getting rid of my makeup. You get 100 cotton pads for 90p. They are really soft and good quality.


Not necessarily a beauty item but I picked up a pack of 2 pairs of ear plugs which I plan on using on flights. These had a £1.00 sticker but when I got to the till they were 50p.

Those were the items I brought from the Primark beauty section recently. Stay tuned for a review of the cleansing mitts. I hope you enjoyed this haul. Thanks for reading XOXO.