Looking After Your Skin Whilst On Holiday

I hold my hands up, I was a sunbed addict.
I would go on religiously 3/4 times a week in the quest of beautiful bronzed skin. In the summer when I had my legs out I would sometimes go in a salon, have 9 minutes on the sunbed and then go down the road and do the same at another salon. I know, I know, that’s bad but I was young and didn’t realise how badly tanning affected your skin. When I went on holiday I would lay in the scorching sun for most of the day with no SPF.

Nowadays I stay well away from any tanning beds and keep my skin well protected whilst I’m on holiday. It’s been almost two years since I last went on a sunbed. Even though I’m a lot paler and don’t have the bronzed glow I desire, my skin is so much healthier as a result. Around my eyes and on my forehead the texture of my skin has improved dramatically. I’ve managed to combat the early signs of aging leaving me with smooth hydrated skin. Some of this is also down to a new skincare routine.

On awakening, I splash my face with cold water. Not only does this make me more alert and cools me down but it also closes my pores. I pat my face dry with a towel and apply Lancome Renergie Multi Lift Day Cream using it as a primer for my make up. It also has a sun protection factor of 15 in it.

It’s obvious from my Holiday Outfits post I don’t tan easily (probably why I was always on a sunbed). In order to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays I apply SPF 30 every couple of hours. I know it’s a pain to do but it’s better than being sore from sunburn. This Calypso cream smells gorgeous and is only £2.99!

The scalp is something people forget about when applying SPF but it is the most vulnerable part of the body to sun burn. I purchased this Malibu Scalp Protector  and it was a god send. Where my parting is I usually burn but this was able to prevent that. Your hair doesn’t go greasy either which is a bonus. It does have a strong smell to it when you first spray it though.

Throughout the day aswell as regularly applying suncream I sometimes use the Garnier Moisture Bomb Protecting Spray. It’s hydrating, cooling and has a SPF 30. Very handy for those hot sunny days when you need a little refreshing.

After being in the sun all day I like to exfoliate my skin, particularly my face and neck using my Primark exfoliating gloves. They are perfect for getting rid of dead skin and smoothing the surface of the skin. Using the Murad Exfoliating Cleanser, I cleanse and tone my face. I got this out of a beauty box and it’s the perfect size for travelling.

Once I’ve done all that I apply after sun. I’ve been using the Ladival After Sun DNA Repair Gel. I didn’t get sun burn so can’t comment on how well it performed on that but it was very hydrating and cooling on the skin. My skin didn’t feel oily or greasy afterwards. I always use an after sun whilst I’m away, whether or not I have sun burn, as it keeps your skin moisturised and prevents premature aging.
That’s my skin care routine for whilst I’m on holiday. I’m more vigilant with it whilst out in the sun as I don’t want my skin to dehydrate. If you have any skincare tips leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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