Sneak Peak At My Perfume Collection

I didn’t think my perfume stash was very big until I had to take photos of them all.
Fragrances are something I love and if someone smells nice it instantly makes them more attractive. This is my modest collection which I love and I’m so appreciative of.

Gucci Eau de Parfum my first ever designer perfume, it has a strong sweet smell (colour went due to me leaving it on the window sill once oops)IMG_1159

Viva La Juicy Couture Rose Eau de Parfum my favourite packaging has lovely floral smell

 Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum one of my favourites, has a subtle floral scent
 Hugo Boss Orange Eau de Toilette has a sweet fruity smell
Versace Woman Eau de Parfum very light sweet smell

 Ghost The Fragrance Eau de Toilette & Mini don’t really like the scent of this fragrance it’s harsh at first then fades very quickly
 Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Couture Mini Eau de Parfum lovely bottle has a sweet fruity smell definitely want the full size
 Viktor & Rolf FlowerbombMini Eau de Parfum strong floral fragrance
Ralph Lauren Romance Mini Eau de Parfum strong floral scent
Hugo Boss Woman Mini Eau de Toilette
light sweet fruity smell

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight Mini Eau de Toilette I think this bottle is so cute and true to it’s name it has a fresh floral smell


 Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum strong sweet fruity scent
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Minis Eau de Parfum gorgeous sweet smelling fragrances
Davidoff Cool Water Woman Mini Eau de Toilette I’ve never worn this one before, has a strong fresh scent
Anna Sui Sui Dreams Mini Eau de Toilette I quite like the handbag design of the bottle but it is a bit tricky to open although it has a nice subtle sweet smell
Ghost Deep Night Mini Eau de Toilette I can’t really describe the scent as it’s not sweet or floral but it’s fairly strong (similar to Lynx Spray)
That’s all my perfumes so far, I hope to grow my collection as I love having lots of variety and looking at all the pretty bottles. My favourites are the Juicy Couture and Calvin Klein perfumes, what’s your favourite scent? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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