Summer Must Haves

Now the weather has (finally) heated up we are outside more and exposed to the harmful UV rays. Not only can unprotected sun expose cause skin cancer it’s also the number one reason for premature aging of the skin. I like to avoid direct contact with the sun as much as possible but if I am enjoying a day in the sun, I make sure I’m always protected. These are my summer must have products.

Sun Cream

We’ve all heard so many times the importance of wearing a sun protection factor, there was a reason our parent’s use to smother us in sun cream when we were little. My go to sun cream I repurchase year after year is the Calypso Sun Lotion. It has 30 SPF which offers UVA and UVB protection helps prevent premature aging due to the moisturising agent inside. Out of all the sun creams I’ve tried, I prefer the smell of this one.

Scalp And Hair Protector

It wasn’t until last year I realised there was a product designed specifically for your hair and scalp. Since then I’ve been using the Malibu Clear Hair & Scalp Protector which provides protection without leaving your hair feeling greasy. My parting use to always get burned whenever I was on holiday but using this product has saved me plenty of headaches. If you choose to purchase this you can pay a £1.00 more and receive a handy kit which also includes a lip balm and after sun.

After Sun

After being in the sun the skin needs some hydration and cooling. I like to use the Lavidal After Sun Repair Gel to soothe and cool my skin. It has a unique formula which helps repair skin DNA damaged by the sun. This feels very moisturing and is absorbed quickly.

Facial Mist

A mist that not only cools you down but protects you from pollution and UV rays? Yes please! I love this Garnier Moisture Bomb Face Mist Spray, it’s so handy to throw in your hand bag and give your face a little spritz when you need some hydration and it has a SPF 30. You can apply the lightweight mist over makeup too. What’s not to love?

Cooling Spray

This Merci Handy cooling spray provides me with a much need cooling down after the heat of the sun. On a hot night I like to spray this all over my body for an instant relief. This particular cooling spray was from a Latest In Beauty Box and I’ll be on the hunt for another once this runs out because I hate being overheated.

Those were my summer must have essential products. I couldn’t be without any of them come the warmer months. Although you should always wear a SPF even in the winter as UV rays can still penetrate through clouds. I hope you enjoyed this post. What’s your must have product for summer? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading XOXO.

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  1. May 24, 2018 / 10:48 pm

    That Lavidal after sun gel looks interesting! I’ve never heard of that brand before and I would definitely be interested in trying it! Also, I completely agree – facial mists and cooling sprays are a MUST in the summer!

    • May 26, 2018 / 7:05 pm

      Sorry thought I had replied, must not have hit send! I’d never heard of them before either but I’d recommend giving them a go. The DNA repair bit was what attracted me. X