Take A Look At My Nail Varnish Collection

Nail varnishes are an item of makeup that I’ve always seemed to have a lot of. I have early memories of going into Superdrug and picking up all the pretty colours and smiling from ear to ear on the way home. After a bit of decluttering, I wanted to show you all my collection. Of course it goes without saying I’m not bragging or trying to show off I just enjoy looking at other people’s collections and thought some of you may too.

First up I’ll start off with a brand that I own the most polishes from and a brand I have only recently acquired in the last year, Nails Inc. Aesthetic wise these are my favourites, the glass container and the silver lid make these nail varnishes look really luxurious and expensive. In total I have 12 of these and would like to have a wall stand to display these on eventually.

The next most popular brand in my collection is Rimmel. Before my decluttering, I had more of these nail polishes. They are really affordable and come in so many shades and varieties. These are the ones I wear most days and I have currently have 10 which doesn’t seem that many considering the amount I use to have but I really enjoy wearing all these colours.

Next is another affordable drug store brand that I always have a little stash of polishes and it’s Barry M. They have good staying power and I especially enjoy the gelly and glitter ones. In my collection I have 7.

These are a random bunch of nail polishes from different brands. There’s Sally Hansen, Lancome, Max Factor, Collection and Deborah Lippmann. The Sally Hansen Insta Dry is good for applying over your nails to dry them quickly and the Max Factor Glossfinity is a really nice thick polish that looks so glossy and I’d like to get more of these.

 Finally I have some more Sally Hansen nail polishes that came in a set of two. They include a shimmer shade and a top coat to protect your nail colours. That rose gold is my favourite and looks beautiful.

Those were all my current nail polishes. I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing what’s in my collection. Thanks for reading XOXO.






    • Imperfect Beauty
      August 14, 2018 / 10:50 am

      Thank you x