Take A Look At My Shoe Collection

As I’m partaking in No Buy July, I have been shopping from my own wardrobe by going through all my pieces and creating outfits I forgot I had. I’ve seen a few bloggers show their shoe collections and as I am going through my wardrobe, I thought I’d show mine too. Some people may think I have a lot of shoes and others probably think my collection is small, everyone’s perception is different and I just want to say, I’m not bragging. I enjoy reading these types of post and thought some of you may aswell.


To start off with I’m going to show you my boots. These are my go to footwear in the colder months and I live in them for half of the year. I’d even go as far to say they are my favourite type of shoe.


First are a pair of black over the knee boots in a faux suede material. I picked these up years ago from Primark for £15.00 before the over the knee trend came in. Unfortunately they fall down a lot and I’ve barely worn them. I’m going to try and get some more use out of them this autumn or I’ll get rid of them.


Next is my other pair of over the knee boots. These are also from Primark and cost about £20.00 I think. I’ve had these for around a year and a half and they’ve been worn a lot. I am hoping to replace these with a similar pair this winter.


I’m not quite sure if this pair is real leather or not, I’ve had them for nearly two years and they cost me about £40.00 from New Look. I love wearing these with skinny jeans and a big parka coat in the winter to keep me nice and toasty. They are knee high


I really like this pair of black ankle boots. The heel is about 3-4 inches so they aren’t the most comfortable to wear but I don’t worry too much about toppling over. Unfortunately the front is starting to look worn so I may replace these later on in the year. These were from New Look a couple of years ago and I think they cost about £28.00.


Can you tell from the sole I’ve worn these to death? I’ve had them for less than a year and they are so comfy. The gold detailing gives these boots a bit of extra something and the heel height is perfect. I got these from the teens section in River Island in a size 4 and they were £28.00.


These faux suede ankle booties were a gift from my mum for Christmas about 2 years ago. They look nice and smart but aren’t my favourite pair as they do feel like they slide up and down on the back of my foot when I wear them which probably wouldn’t be an issue if I had half a size smaller maybe. These were from New Look and I can’t remember the price (I want to say £28.00).


I got this pair of tan ankle boots from Primark last winter for £15.00. They were easy to just throw on and gave a bit of colour to my outfits when I don’t want to wear all black. However, the quality is a bit rubbish as they heel and sole broke so I had to superglue them on. I definitely will be throwing these away when I’ve found a better quality replacement. It’s put me off from buying boots from Primark again.


I am not sure about these ankle boots anymore to be honest, I haven’t worn them for over a year but I did really like them at one point. These were from New Look and cost about £20.00 I think.


On my last birthday I had asked for these pair of boots. They are a bit taller than your typical ankle boot so can make your legs look shorter if not styled correctly. Despite the heel size they are comfortable to walk in. I’m a big fan of the nude colour. These were £30.00/£35.00 from New Look.


I was a massive fan of UGG boots years ago, they are like warm cosy slippers. However, I barely wear them anymore as I prefer a more fashionable looking boot. These black UGGs are my least worn pair.


Next is my first ever pair of UGGs. These are the brown bailey button version and I was obsessed with these. I wore them all the time and were my most expensive pair of shoes. I think these were about £180.00.


Finally for my UGG boots are a classic chestnut pair. There was a time when everyone and their mum had a pair of these. They are such a dream to wear, so soft and snug. Mine are looking a bit worse for wear but I do have the UGG cleaning kit which I’m hoping will sort them out. I got these for £175 and you can purchase them here.


In terms of aestetics, heels are my favourite type of shoe to look at. I like to have them on show because they are so pretty and fabulous to look at. I don’t have that many heels so it’s an area of my collection I really want to expand on and experiment with more colours.


To kick start the heels section, I’ll show you my first ever pair of heels. I brought these on my 18th birthday and haven’t worn them since as they are so high but they are quite sentimental and I think in the future I could get more wear out of them. I brought them in a 4 and I should’ve got a 3 because my toes scrunch up at the front. These were about £25.00 from New Look.


I’ve had this pair of shoes for years. They were a last minute purchase from Tesco for £15.00 when I was in need of a pair for a wedding. I wasn’t quite sure whether to put them in boots or heels section as they are a bit of both. As the heel is fairly small they were a great starter shoe for practising walking in heels. I’ve had a fair amount of wear from these.


A recent pair of heels are these tan sandal pair from the teens section in New Look. I got these on sale for £9.00 but they were originally £20.00. They are easy to wear and feel comfortable on my feet.


A lovely nude pair of heels with a mirrored detailing on the strap. I adore the colour of these so much. Again I got these from New Look and they were on sale for £9.00, I think they were about £23.00 originally.


I think these are my favourite pair of heels. They are a pale pink in faux suede and a pointed toe. The heel height is about 3 inches so they are fairly easy to walk in. On a night out these got so dirty and battered but they cleaned so easily (thank god). I got these at a reduced price but they were £20.00 full price.


Another smaller section of my shoes are trainers. I’ve only recently gotten into wearing them so don’t have that many and I do have expensive taste when it comes to them. I’m also a bit ruthless when it comes to trainers and if I don’t wear them enough I sell them. I can see myself buying more in the future however so if I do an updated collection, there should be more.


I’ve had these Nike Roshe One’s for 2 and a half years and I’ve worn them loads. They are so nice and comfy. I paid £70.00 for these from SCHUH and got a size 4.


My most recent pair of trainers are these grey and black pair from Adidas. I brought these whilst I was in New York and they cost $44.00 from the Adidas outlet store. True to their name, they are like walking on a cloud.


Every other pair of trainers I didn’t get much wear out of, I got rid of, with the exception of these white Converse. I paid £40.00 for these from Office about 6 years ago and worn them a whole 4 times in that time. They make my feet bleed but they are so classic I don’t want to give them up. I also think they make my feet look really big, which when you’re a size 3/4 this shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re interested, you can purchase your own pair here.


Last up for my trainers are these white Superstar pair from Adidas. They have gold stripes down the side but I wish I had the rose gold ones instead as I don’t like yellow gold. I do wear these though but I feel like they slip off at the back. My brother brought these for me for Christmas which I think were £50.00 from JD (from the kid’s section because I have diddy feet).


I literally haven’t worn a pair of flats in years and I use to live in them. They pull at the back of my legs but I still keep them in case an occasion comes when I need them again or I fall back in love.


Just a plain black pair from H&M, these cost £8.00 which I think is good value. Not much else to say about them.


I brought these as they added something a bit extra to the plain black flats with a subtle sparkle. These are also from H&M and cost £13.00.


I completely forgot I had this pair of shoes. They are a plain black flat with a pointed toe and look really smart. These were from New Look and I think cost £13.00.


Another pair I forgot I owned are these patent leather nude flats from Primark. I picked these up because they were only £4.00 but they are looking scruffy so will need replacing.



Already looking dishevelled, I only brought these 2 months ago and they have been worn to death. They were a replacement for a similar pair that I had from Accessorize which had lasted 3 years but were three times as much. I have worn these to death so will have to buy a new pair next year. These are £9.00 from New Look and you can purchase them here.


I’ve had this pair of sandals for about 2-3 years and I can’t remember where I got them from or how much. If I had to guess it would be New look for £16.00. The strap at the back falls down my ankle so they annoy me.


These tan sandals I brought from Primark last year for £6.00 I think. I do like these but the metal bit can dig in my foot a bit so I don’t like to wear them for long periods. They are still in good condition which I’m impressed with.


Exactly the same as the first black sandals, these are the gold glitter version. I love these and have worn these to death also. They are £10.00 from New Look. You can buy them here.


As my sandals and flats are stored in a shoe holder, I often forget about what I have, so I haven’t worn these this year. I got these from Primark last year for £8.00. I love the pearl details, they can really make a tan pop.


My most recent pair of sandals are these babies from Primark. I had been eyeing these up for a while before I decided to purchase them. I love the rose gold and the pink fur. The sole feels quite flexible and they are really cushy to walk in. They are £6.00 I believe and I think you can still get them.


I got this grey pair of fluffy sliders from Primark last year for £6.00. The only issue with these is I have such small skinny feet that they just slip right through and my feet hang over the edge when I walk.


An absolute bargain at 99p these flip flops have lasted me 4 years! They have been worn to the beach, pool, on holidays and they barely look worn. I’m so happy with this purchase.


Just a plain pair of pink flip flops from Primark for 90p. I haven’t worn these as much as the others but they look more used. I also have a blue pair but they aren’t at my house at the moment.

Those were all my shoes. After writing a bit about each pair, I feel like I have loads. As you can probably tell I love black, brown and nude shoes but I want to branch out to more colours. If you’re still here, I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry this post is up so late, I didn’t realise how long it would take. Thanks for reading XOXO.

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