Take A Look Inside The Sephora Favourites Glow Kit

From my recent trip to New York, I had my first ever experience inside a Sephora. Well it comes as no surprise that I was like a kid in a candy store (in fact I went into Hershey’s and M&M World and I was more excited than any kid in there). Going through the revolving doors was like stepping into another world where every shelf was dedicated to beauty products. Makeup around every corner. I really wish we had one over here in the UK. Sure, we have Boots and Superdrug but they aren’t limited to stocking beauty and don’t look half as fancy as Sephora. It’s definitely a beauty lover’s dream.

If you read my Sephora Wish List Post, you may remember that I wanted to prioritise the products I couldn’t get in the UK before I went crazy and grabbed anything. This included the Sephora Favourites Glow Kit as it’s obviously exclusive to the store and now would be my only chance to have it. I’d saw it online and thought it was a great chance to try a bunch of new makeup without the hefty price tag of the individual full sizes.


The kit costs $40 US Dollars/ $48 Canadian Dollars and has a value of $99 USD/ $119 CAD. This roughly amounts to £30 with a value of £74. It contains 7 of the most lusted after bronzers and highlighters in an array of finishes and formulas. Of course that sounds amazing but let’s take a look at what’s inside.

It comes in a cardboard box with the packaging resembling a summer sunset. Pictures of each product are on the front of the box which look like they could be to scale. Details and ingredients of each item is listed on the back.



The top left highlighter is the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight 01. You get 1.8g of product with the full size being 7.5g and costing £28.50. This gives this mini an approximate value of £6.84. Out of all the highlighters this one looks closest to my skin tone once applied. There’s a subtle shimmer when the light hits it and is definitely the most suitable for day to day wear.  With the sleek black compact this is one of my favourites in terms of pakaging.

Next to that is a little Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick in Champagne Flash. It’s the smallest item in the box but is the most luxurious brand. You get 1.4g of product and the full size of this is £38.00 for 6.1g so that makes this version around £8.72 in value. This is the most pigmented out of the highlighters and was very creamy to swatch. It gave off a lovely golden shimmer perfect for a bronzed goddess look.

Below that is a highlighter from a brand I’ve seen popping up everywhere recently, Milk Makeup. The highlighter is in the shade Lit and actually has the most product out of everything else in the box at 6.7g, although it wouldn’t look like it from it’s size. You can actually buy the mini size from Sephora for $14.00 which is around £10.50.

Underneath that is the last highlighter which is a Dewy Stick from Ciate London and is the only full size product. It’s a luminous balm and was the only one that looked ‘wet’ on the skin when swatched. When the light catches it, it definitely gives off a dewy look. You get 5g of product and this costs £22.00 to purchase. This would be a highlighter I would use when I was looking for radiance as apposed to a powdery shimmer.


Onto bronzers the first is one we’ve all heard about and is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I’ve been so eager to try this bronzer for ages but never got round to purchase it. It was the darkest out of all the ones in this box and the only one that didn’t have any shimmer in it. This would make a great matte contour shade. You get 3g of product and the full size is 8g at £25.50 so this would come in around £9.56 in value.

In the circular compact below Benefit is a Sunlit Bronzer in Capri Coast from Becca. This is quite a shimmery bronzer when the light hits it and is less pigmented than the other two bronzers. I like the fact that it has a little mirror. The product amount for this is 2.3g and you can purchase the full size for £32.00 with 7.1g so this equals £10.37 in value. This bronzer reminds me of the sand on the beach when the sun glistens onto it.

The final product in this kit is another bronzer I’ve wanted to buy but never actually purchased and it’s the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer from Tarte Cosmetics. To be honest I love the name of this bronzer, Park Ave Princess. It looks like a generous amount of product but is actually the same size as Benefit at 3g. This retails for £25.00 in it’s full size version which is an impressive 9g. The mini would cost around £8.33.


Overall the approximate value of this set in terms of UK prices is £76.32 which is around $101.26 USD. However, that is based on what the products cost in the UK and if we are going on the prices, the box value is accurate. I’m very happy with this purchase and think it’s great value for money and a brilliant way to try new products for less. The fact it has some amazing well known favourites is just the cherry on the top.

That’s what was a in depth look of what’s inside the Sephora Favourites Sunkissed Glow box. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading XOXO.

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  1. June 24, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Park Ave Princess is a very nice tone. I’ve been curious about the Ciate Dewy Stick for a while. Actually I’ve been using the e.l.f Highlighting Stick in Dewy for a while, and some say it’s a lower cost dupe for the Ciate one.

    Did you get to go in an Ulta while you were in New York? Sephora is awesome but I think Ulta is even better!

    • June 25, 2018 / 9:47 am

      The Ciate one is pretty pricey so if the E.L.F. one is working for you I’d stick with that. Sadly no I just went to Sephora x