Things I Want To Achieve By The End Of The Year

How are we in December already…. where has this year gone?!

For most the beginning of December is when the Christmas spirit starts to kick in. The advent calendars officially start and there’s an excited mad rush looming in the air. In my household it doesn’t feel very festive for a couple more weeks as we have my daughter’s birthday on the 8th (planned that well didn’t I?). Nevertheless, I like to be prepared for all of the festivities, which will bring with it a new year and there’s nothing like the final month to really motivate me into achieving my last few goals for the year. I want to make 2018 my best year yet and don’t intend to still be working on 2017’s aspirations.

Back in September I published a post with my Goals For This Year, I’m going to reflect on them aims in this post and determine my final goals for 2017.

Publishing More Blog Posts
When I first wrote this, I was publishing around 3 posts a week. I now produce content for my blog 4-5 days a week which I am very happy with and will just strive to keep this going.

Adding Another £300 Into My Savings
With one month left and another £250 tucked away into a savings account, I now only have £50 left to put aside to reach my target. I am so pleased with my new mentality of saving part of my income instead of spending everything and having no safety net. It’s such a weight off my shoulders and I would recommend checking out Dave Ramsey if you’re looking to do the same.

Gaining 100 Followers on My Blog
Well, I smashed this target, and then some. I currently have 162 followers on WordPress, so for the end of December, I’m going to see if I can reach the 200 follower milestone. This seems like a massive ask but fingers crossed!

Paying Off All Debt
Again, another weight was lifted off my shoulder when I accomplished this. I’m still debt free and will no longer use credit cards to fund my purchases. As well as for this year, this will be a lifetime principal.

Gaining 480 Followers on Instagram
I’m fairly new to Instagram, as I only created an account in August. My initial aim was to have 480 followers and now I have 554. I don’t know how I managed it but I’m going to aim for 575 by the end of the year. Having more Instagram followers will allow me to connect with other bloggers and may provide me with further opportunities in the blogging community. If you would like to follow me my username is catherineparrxoxo. I’ll follow my fellow bloggers back.

Buying No New Clothes
All the way back in September I had set myself the challenge of not buying any new clothes, unless it was replacing something. I’ve stuck to my word and haven’t purchased any new clothing. The only item of clothing I brought was a new coat last week, which was to replace an existing coat that was a few years old and looking a bit worn. Instead of splurging on new pieces, I’ve been selecting outfits from my own wardrobe. This has allowed me to get a better understanding of what clothes I like to wear and will aid me in making smarter purchases in the future. Anything that I don’t wear I’m going to get rid of, I wrote a post on benefits of decluttering your wardrobe if you would like to read it.

Reading More
There’s just over 4 weeks left of 2017 and I would like to finish 2 books that I’m currently reading. I wrote in my previous goals post that I wanted to write a book. Well, I haven’t even got a draft written. I feel so uninspired, so maybe reading will get my creative juices flowing.


That’s if for my final goals of this year. I hope to complete them and start 2018 with a fresh slate. I am looking forward to the new challenges I will set for myself in the new year. What would you like to do before we wave goodbye to 2017? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading XOXO.



  1. Dani
    December 2, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    Great post! Buying new clothes would be really hard for me- especially since I use the new year as an excuse! Thanks for sharing🙂

  2. December 3, 2017 / 11:02 am

    I love goals posts – I find them so motivating! I hope you complete all your goals by 2018💜💜