Things To Do When Your Moods Low

For someone who suffers with depression which I briefly discussed in my first mental health blog post Why It’s Ok To Do Nothing All Day I have learned different coping methods for when I’m in a low mood.

For a healthy mental state and your sanity it’s important to take time for yourself often. Whether that be once a week or several times a day. Time to unwind and de-stress is crucial for a positive mindset.

Here’s some ideas to help you relax by yourself:

  • Colour in a adult colouring book
  • Read a book/ magazine
  • Watch your favourite tv show
  • Watch a film
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Write something (blog post, story)
  • Pin your favourite pictures on Pinterest
  • Pamper yourself (paint your nails, face mask)
  • Have a relaxing bubble bath
  • Exercise
  • Go for a walk

If you feel up to it, going out and socialising will do you the world of good. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to leave the house but that’s usually the most difficult part and once your out you may feel better.

Some suggestions for when you’re ready to go out:

  • Go bowling
  • Go cinema
  • Have a meal out
  • Go to a trampoline park
  • Visit a zoo/ aquarium
  • Go shopping
  • Go for a coffee/ ice cream
  • Visit a new town
  • Go to a theme park

Just remember whatever you decide to do, even if it’s nothing, be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Another great tip is to write down all the positive things in your life. This will really focus your mind on the good things and you may see things from a different perspective.

I hope you feel inspired to take care of yourself. Thanks for reading XOXO.