W7 In The Nude Palette Review


A review of the W7 In The Nude palette. Aesthetic wise, this is almost identical to the Naked 3 palette but retailing around £5 this is almost an eight of the price. It’s in a metal tin package which I don’t particularly like but it’s pretty to look at. One thing that goes against it is that the eyeshadows are set below the tray they are set in so they can be slightly awkward to reach and you need a slim brush.


The range of shades is what I typically go for, creams, browns and rosy pinks. A nude lovers dream with a mixture of shimmers and matts. It did come with a brush but I lost it (from what I remember it wasn’t very good). The layout of the shades is pretty much identical to the Naked 3 palette aswell.




This is how well the palette swatched with my fingers. In order to get a decent sample of each colour I needed two or three layers of each shade. The shimmers had better colour pay off than the matts which struggled to show up on my arm. As you can probably tell from the photos, the pigmentation isn’t great which wouldn’t be too much of an issue if you were going for a subtle look. Personally, I like more intense eyeshadows as I’m a fan of darker shades.

When creating an everyday eye look, the shades were fairly easy to work with and blended well together. There isn’t much versatility with this palette as you can only really wear a nude eye with slight variations in colour.


For the price of this palette it is pretty decent. I would recommend this to people on a budget or starting out in make up. If you are more experienced or have a larger eyeshadow collection, I don’t think you are missing out by not having this. From the swatches and reviews I’ve seen of the Naked 3 palette, this doesn’t match up to the quality and pigmentation of the shadows. Although, I wouldn’t hold this against it as it is a much cheaper alternative and I can’t say I’ve tried the Naked 3 myself. It’s a nice palette but I prefer intense shadows.


I hope you enjoyed this review of the W7 In The Nude palette. Thanks for reading XOXO.


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  1. January 18, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    I saw they also have the naked dupe and was thinking if that was worth it x